Sodom are weapons that were created by Oda Nobunaga. These weapons are said to be refined from the carcasses of the ancient sacred beasts. The weapons us the life energy of the user to awake the godly power hidden within. Currently most sodom users use their sodoms in order to keep the people under their control.

Imperial SodomsEdit

These sodoms are the ones that bear the name of guardian and more powerful then the mass produced ones.


User: Takeda Shingen


Sodom Number: 03

Ability: The power to convert the wielder's life energy into a bubble, then drive it into anyone.


User: Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Type: Gauntlet

Sodom Number: 04

Ability: The power to melt and burn anything into ash.


User: Date Masamune ---------> Ishikawa Goemon

Type: Leg Armor

Sodom Number: 05

Ability: The power to absorb the air, compress it then release it.


These sodoms are the mass produced ones and not as powerful as the Imperial sodoms.

Blue Demon

User: Mikoda

Type: Lance

Ability: The power to cleave and cut through most objects.


User: Kurohabaki member

Type: Metal Rod

Abilty: The power to destroy anything and leave an imprint of a ox head on it.