Ishikawa Goemon
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Gender Male
Race Human
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Status Alive
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Ishikawa Goemon is a thief that is working with Ochou Nobunaga and Mitsuhide. He is currently the wielder on the Imperial Sodom Yasha



Goemon wears a black jacket, with it being open, and matching pants. He also wears a slash with packs wear he most likely tools. Goemon also wears fingerless gloves. He used to wear on shoes but now wears the sodom yasha on his feet. Goemon has tattoos o his face two under his eyes and one on his chin. He also wears a headband and has a ponytail that goes down to his lower back. Underneath his headband he has a scar from when he broke into the Nobunaga castle.


Goemon was once a student at the Iga ninja school. He once tried to sneak into Nobunaga's castle to steal a sodom to sell for money. After he escaped from Oda's castle he was found by Oda's sister and she healed him. When he woke up he asked her why she saved him. She said she was lending a helping hand to someone who needed it. He then called her a idoit. Then he said that he would return what he had borrowed and that if she was in trouble he will comme and help her. From then on he start living for the people.




Yasha is one of the Imperial Sodom. It is a Leg Armor type. Its power allows the weilder to absorb air, compress it, and then release it. it also gives the weilder to jump high into the air.
  • Goemon wearing Yasha
  • Ukigumo Uroko
  • Ukigumo Tsumuji
  • Ukigumo Toguro
  • Ukigumo Oboro
  • Ukigumo Itachi
  • Ukigumo Fubuki


  • Ukigumo Uroko (Floating Clouds - Cirrocumulus) - Goemon Kicks forward releasing a barrage of wind shards.
  • Ukigumo Tsumuji (Floating Cloudsy - Whirlwind) - Goemon turns himself upside down then kicks his opponent upwards.
  • Ukigumo Toguro (Floating Clouds - Spiral) - Goemon spins the kicks releasing a tornadoe.
  • Ukigumo Oboro (Floating Clouds - Haze) - Goemon kicks his oppoent into the ground.
  • Ukigumo Itachi (Floating Clouds - Weasel Attack) - Goemon attacks his opponent's heels to knock them over.
  • Ukigumo Fubuki (Floating Clouds - Blizzard) - Goemmon kicks his opponent in the air when he is on his kneels.