Akechi Mitsuhide, also known as Tenkai, is a monk that used to serve under Oda Nobunga. He weilds the sodom Karura.


Akechi most of the time is shown to be loyal to Ochou and will do anything to protect her. Akechi is willing to protect the innocent from being killed from the feudal lords.

Akechi personality will quickly change to a pervert when he is around Ochou, willing to go as far as to peek at her in the bathe and said he is watching for the enemy.


Mitsuhide once came to Oda proclaiming that he wanted to have a Sodom to become stronger. Oda then says that true strength cannot be obtained even if you use it and hit him for it. Oda then said that when he learns it from him Oda then will give him one.

Later on he was known as the own to betray Oda to create the strongest weapon.



Karura is one of the Imperial Sodom. It is a Gauntlet type. Its power allows the weilder melt and burn anything into ash.


  • Hannyaensh Ouken (The Blazing Palm Fist of Wisdom) - A technique that draws out the energy of the user and releases it explosively within the duration of Ten Chants.
  • Enshuseiken (Blazing Fore Fist) - Mitsuhide punches his opponent and causes a burst of fire on contact.